It’s time to change the way we think about water.

Water and climate change are on a deadly collision course in the Western United States. Three hard years of drought have brought a new urgency to the way we think about carbon, the environment and water. Now is the moment for challenging sector norms, for developing new ideas and resetting our goals. It is the moment for Re-Thinking Water.

Taking place in Los Angeles, a city pioneering innovative water reuse strategies, the American Water Summit will explore key drivers that are fuelling transformative change across the continent. Increasing demands on infrastructure, dwindling resource pools and an ever-changing regulatory landscape all require water systems that work better for us, as well as our planet. With insights from the policy-makers, the regulatory and investment communities, as well as the water leaders of America, the 2022 American Water Summit will tackle the key questions that are vital to channelling action in the water industry.

– How do we reimagine our water systems to be both climate resilient and zero carbon?

– How do we fund new regulatory requirements while keeping charges equitable and affordable?

– How do we harness the momentum to scale up reuse and sludge management breakthroughs?

Join us as we explore the technologies, shape the policies, and challenge the mindsets that will help us change the way we think about water.

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Now in its 11th year, The American Water Summit has established itself as the most important annual meeting point for senior executives working within the North American water sector. The Summit consistently delivers an action and opportunity-led program in tandem with a productive networking forum for executives to meet their peers and future clients.

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Our core values

For over a decade, the American Water Summit has been loyally attended by the most influential senior executives from across the sector despite the crowded nature of the North American water conference circuit. Why? Because unlike other conferences, the American Water Summit adapts year-on-year to focus on action and opportunity in what can at times be a slow-paced market. It pulls together productive networking with an agenda and speakers that represent and drive action, progress, and opportunity.

The core values of the American Water Summit:

Action – not only do we make it our mission to identify the pockets of investment and action in the market, we strive to make the conference actionable for our delegates. This means providing authoritative insight, delivering the right contacts and building communities to drive progress beyond the event.

An investment and opportunity-led program – we focus on projects, their value in terms of opportunity, and getting the people who are making the deals into the room. This isn’t easy, so it’s unlikely that you will find this approach anywhere else. This angle of the event alone gives you access to hard to reach opportunities and contacts.

Delivering long-term value for delegates – post-event, we build communities, produce whitepapers and nurture the networks that we have created, so the value of the conference to our attendees extends far beyond the three-day event.


The American Water Summit brings together the highest levels of the water sector in North America. Attending this conference will provide you with unrivaled access to thought leaders in both the public and private sectors through interactive sessions, roundtable discussions, and dedicated One-2-One Meetings throughout the conference.


Every registered delegate is added to our One-2-One Networking platform, a space where attendees can arrange intimate, face-to-face meetings well in advance of the conference to form new partnerships, strike pivotal deals, or maintain existing relationships. Delegates use this platform to ensure their ROI and shake the hands they need to shake.