Know the Market

For us, the American Water Summit is always an exciting place to be and is one of the conferences we look forward to attending each year; not only to gather market intelligence, but to also enable us to help shape industry outcomes, strengthen business relationships with other organizations, and learn about new market opportunities. They always seems to have a pulse on the innovations and technologies most needed in the industry and they deliver an agenda and content to match.

Ralph Eric Exton
GE Process & Water Technologies

Gain Crucial Intelligence…

Tech companies scouting for buyers; analysts unturning market trends; start-ups building hype before a product launch. These people all have one thing in common: the American Water Summit. They know that they can do months’ worth of research in two days at AWS.

Between the sessions, the speakers, and the conference delegates, GWI amasses an encyclopedic array of brilliant people who can share crucial intelligence.

Suggested Sessions

Explore This Year's Agenda

Day 2 Plenary: The CEOs Panel

Smart Water, Smarter Spending

Tech Idol: Pioneering Potable Reuse