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Day 2 - 26th January
Registration and One-to-One Networking
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Opening Plenary: Water Leadership Panel

It is a pivotal moment for water in America; an extreme drought coinciding with an economic crisis. Leadership matters more than ever. We've brought together some of the most influential CEOs in the industry to discuss the imperatives and the opportunities in the current environment.



  • Ryan Roberts, Executive Vice President and Business Operating Unit Leader, Stantec
  • Karine Rougé, CEO - Municipal Water, Veolia North America
  • Mike McGann, Senior Vice President, President, Americas and Measurement & Control Solutions, Xylem
  • David Stanton, CEO, UGSI Solutions
  • Brian DeWolf, CEO, Vessco Holdings
One-to-One Networking
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Coffee Break
Roundtables: Big Plans and Urgent Technologies

This second session of roundtable discussions focuses on major projects and key innovations around the Re-Thinking Water theme. There will be $25 billion of business opportunity under discussion alongside the innovations that will shape the US water sector over the next decade.

Operation NEXT LA, CA

Rafael Villegas, Managing Water Utility Engineer, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

LA Advanced Water Purification Facility, CA

Jesus Gonzalez, Manager of Recycled Water Program, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

PureWater San Francisco

Manisha Kothari, San Francisco PUC

WRD saline plume, CA

Rob Beste, Assistant General Manager, Water Replenishment District of Southern California

Pure Water Southern California, CA

Rajen Budhia,  Water Resource Engineer II, MWDSC

El Paso BWRO expansion and direct potable reuse, TX.

Scott Reinert, Water Resources Manager, El Paso Water Utilities

Cave Creek Water Reclamation Plant Expansion

Nazario Prieto, Assistant Water Services Director, City of Phoenix

Tampa Bay surface water expansion, FL

Adrienne Arceri, Project Manager, Tampa Bay Water

Watershed Connect, CA

Leo Ferrando, Assistant Chief Engineer, San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District

Eastern Municipal Water District brine reduction, CA

Joe Mouawad,General Manager, Easte Municipal Water District

Pure Water Antelope Valley

Scott Rogers, Engineering Manager, Palmdale Water District

Doheny Desalination, CA

Rick Shintaku, General Manager, South Coast Water District & Marc Donovan, North American Water Treatment and Desalination Lead - GHD, South Coast Water District

Rikers Island Wastewater Consolidation New York

Kathleen Esposito, Chief, Office of Regulatory Strategy, New York DEP

Central San Biosolids, CA

Nitin Goel, Optimization Manager, Central Contra Costa Sanitary District

What is the future for direct potable reuse in the US?

Kevin Hardy, Executive Director, National Water Research Institute

Pure Water Project Las Virgenes Triunfo

Joe McDermott, Director of Engineering and Exteal Affairs, Las Virgenes Municipal Water District

Horizon Lateral water conveyance

Adriana Ventimiglia, Senior Program Engineer, Las Vegas Valley Water District

Corps of Engineers Financing and Project Pipeline

Aaron Snyder, Corps Water Infrastructure Financing Program - Interim Director, US Army Corps of Engineers

Metro Flood Diversion Project - Lessons Learnt

Joel Paulsen, Executive Director, Metro Flood Diversion Authority

West Basin IPR, CA

Gregory Reed, General Manager, West Basin Municipal Water District

Financing Large Scale Water Infrastructure Projects in a Post-Pandemic, Pre-Recession, Inflationary Environment

Raymond Di Prinzio, Managing Director, Global Sponsor Coverage & Co-Head of Infrastructure Finance, SMBC

Pure Water San Diego, CA

Amy Dorman, Deputy Director, San Diego Public Utilities

Monetizing the Circular Economy

If we are rethinking water, let's start bold. Can water and wastewater treatment pay for itself? It is not such a crazy proposition when you consider all the different ways to recover value from it. As drinking water and wastewater utilities embrace the cutting edge of the circular economy, how can revenue streams from reuse and resource recovery be secured?



The Productivity Imperative

Rising wages, static tariffs and increased consumable costs leave utility operators with one imperative: to improve productivity. How are those at the sharp end of operations thinking about this challenge? Does it add up to a big opportunity for digital technologies?



What do ESG investors want from water?

How do ESG investors see the opportunity in getting water right? Do they see beyond the box ticking exercise to the value that water represents? If so, what do they look out for, and what would they like to see more of?



  • Aymen Karoui, Director, Methodology & Portfolio Research, Sustainalytics
  • Kirsten James, Senior Program Director, Water, Ceres
  • Sean Glennan, Managing Director, Global Power, Utilities & Renewables, Citibank
  • Perrin Van Allen, Investment Banking Vice President, Goldman Sachs
  • Tony Elkins, Vice President, Business Development, Meridiam Infrastructure
One-to-One Networking
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Confronting the Brine Crisis

Salt has been building up in the water systems of the Western United States for decades. Now as we look to take water efficiency and unconventional resource development to new high levels, radical solutions are needed. What are they?


  • Dr Amy Childress, Professor and Director of Environmental Engineering Program, University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering


  • Jeff Mosher, General Manager, Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority (SAWPA)
  • Greg Woodside, Executive Director of Planning and Natural Resources, Orange County Water District (OCWD)
  • Scott Reinert, Chairman of the Multi State Salinity Coalition and Water Resources Manager, El Paso Water 
  • Rick Stover, Chief Technical Officer, Gradiant
  • Clark Easter,  Founder and CEO, Global Water Innovations
The New Landscape for Financing

The federal government has made big commitments to investment in water infrastructure. The amounts are enough to transform the outlook for the sector at this crucial moment, but there are still challenges and obstacles to deployment. How does the sector move forward, and what does this mean for other sources of funding?


  • Francesca McCann, Business Development Director - InfraManagement Group, Black & Veatch


  • Michael Deane, Chief, Clean Water State Revolving Fund, EPA
  • Chris Shaffner, Senior Vice President, Utilities, Supply Chain and Trade Finance, CoBank
  • Hank Habicht , Managing Co-Founder, WFX
  • Aaron Snyder PMP, Corps Water Infrastructure Financing Program Interim Director and P3 Program Director, US Army Corps of Engineers
  • Joel Paulsen, Executive Director, Metro Flood Diversion Authority
  • Sarah Shafer, Senior Engineer, Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City Kansas
12 Crucial Technologies for Accelerating Reuse in Industry
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Which technologies will have the biggest impact on expanding the scope of industrial water reuse? A wealth of innovative solutions from brine concentration to digital optimization will be critical to maintaining business continuity while prioritizing water quality and cost-effectiveness. Whether your focus is microelectronics or mining, food & beverage or pharmaceuticals, this session will provide the solutions you need to close the loop and safeguard your operations against water scarcity.



The Great PFAS Debate: Parts per quadrillion regulation, sense or non-sense?
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Per-and-polyfluoroalkyl substances are undoubtedly hazardous to human health even in small quantities, but are they so dangerous that they need regulating down to the parts per quadrillion level? Does the science justify such limits? Would America be safer if the same money was spent on other measures to protect public health? You be the judge. Listen to both sides of the argument and then vote for the winner in what is sure to be a historic debate.