For over 15 years Global Water Intelligence (GWI) has been helping clients make the most informed strategic decisions by providing expert-led publications, newsletters, databases and market research reports. Over the years, we have acquired an expert team of researchers and journalists with backgrounds in finance, economics, water and technology who are extremely well-connected. Our team has an unparalleled network of senior executives, utility and industry leaders working within the business of water, enabling us to bring you exclusive and reliable insights into the key trends, developments and opportunities within the water sector.

GWI has expanded significantly since 2002. Since launching Global Water Intelligence Magazine, we have acquired and developed The Water Desalination Report, DesalData and The Ultrapure Water Journal and have become the commercial partner of The Produced Water Society. We have also published deep dive market research reports spanning a range of key markets and technology applications, as well as 4 editions of the bestselling, industry-renowned Global Water Market report. In 2017, GWI also launched its most sophisticated market intelligence platform to date – WaterData.

The culmination of expert-led insight into the water industry and a high-level network of water sector influencers is GWIs successful events portfolio. Each year, our two flagship events – The Global Water Summit and The American Water Summit – bring together a c-suite delegation to discuss the sector’s most pertinent trends and challenges in order to drive business, improve productivity and determine the future shape of the sector.

The Global Water Leaders Group brings together the CEOs of water utilities and agencies to address the world’s water issues.

Water services represent one of the great challenges of the 21st century. Growing scarcity, dilapidated infrastructure, environmental protection, and rapid urbanisation are putting increased pressure on water utilities. But often the political support is not there to drive the investment that is required. The Global Water Leaders Group brings together the people who can make a difference.

Water is an intensely local business. The average utility serves around 23,000 people living within 10 miles of each other, and has very little to do with what happens outside its catchment area. But the challenges are global, and so are the solutions. By bringing together CEO-level people in the water industry from around the world, the Group brings the solutions to those who need them.

Leading Utilities of the World (LUOW) is a network of the world’s most forward-thinking water and wastewater utilities, as defined by the network’s 14 distinct innovation areas. Its members represent the gold standard of utility innovation and performance throughout the developed world’s water sector.

LUOW is an initiative of the Global Water Leaders Group, a non-profit organisation aiming to create a better story for water worldwide.