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Day 0 - 24th January
Welcome Reception

All delegates are welcome to join the Welcome Reception on Tuesday 24th, 5:30 – 6:30pm. Take this opportunity to grab your badge before the conference starts the next morning, and to network with other eager attendees. 

Day 1 - 25th January
Registration and One-to-One Networking
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Opening Plenary: Re-Thinking Water

We are bringing together some of the leading thinkers in our industry to outline their vision of America's water future at this time of extraordinary change. Drought, inflation, climate change, new funding flows, new technologies: everything is in play.

Opening Remarks:

  • Booky Oren, Chairman and CEO, Booky Oren Global Water Technologies


  • Marty Adams, General Manager & Chief Engineer, Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (LADWP)
  • Adel Hagekhalil, General Manager & CEO, The Metropolitan Water District of South California (MWDSC)
  • Brenda Burman, General Manager, Central Arizona Project (CAP)
  • Zac Rosenbaum, Facilities Director, Samsung Austin Semiconductor
One-to-One Networking
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Coffee Break
Roundtables: 30 Crucial Questions for Water in 2023
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GWI's ever popular roundtable format returns to address the 30 most important issues shaping America's water industry in 2023.

How can water utilities step up conservation efforts in a 1-in-1,200-year drought?

Doa Ross, Deputy General Manager, SNWA

How can smart sewers help increase climate resilience?

Reese Johnson, Superintendent, Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati 

What is the future for co-digestion waste-to-energy projects in California?

Rashi Gupta, Vice President and Project Manager, Carollo

How can we incentivize innovation to create the water utility of the future?

Cristina Ahmadpour, President, Isle Utilities

How can we best manage the environmental impacts of desalination?

Timothy Hogan, Principal and Owner, TWB

What will it take to achieve the digital breakthrough for small- and mid-sized US water utilities?

Matt Collings, Assistant General Manager & Treasurer, Moulton Niguel Water District

How can a utility in a water-scarce area drive leakage to under 5%?

John Kmiec, Director, Tucson Water

What are the obstacles to the greater adoption of recycled water in California?

Jennifer West, Managing Director, WateReuse Califoia

Where are the smart opportunities for private investment in US water?

Edward Fanter, Managing Director, National Bank Financial

How can technologies accelerate energy efficiency in the US water sector?

Austin Alexander, VP Sustainability & CSR, Xylem

How long before the bubble bursts for US water equipment stocks?

Joseph Giordano, Managing Director, Cowen

How can utilities make the move from grey to green infastructure?

David Totman,Innovyze Thought Leadership Strategy, Innovyze, an Autodesk company

How can utilities access and leverage proven global knowledge to avoid reinventing the wheel?

Booky Oren, Chairman and CEO, Booky Oren Global Water Technologies

How much will it cost to achieve the holy grail of PFAS destruction?

Erika Houtz, Director of Contaminant Destruction Technologies, ECT2

How does semiconductor industry catalyze innovation in water technology?

Slava Libman, CEO, FTD Solutions

What key elements need to come together to advance water recycling in the food & beverage industry?

Kim Dirks, Senior Director EHS Operations, Tyson Foods

What large-scale infrastructure options are on the table for restoring the Salton Sea?

G. Patrick  O Dowd, Executive Director, Salton Sea Authority

How is Colorado preparing for the potential of direct potable reuse?

Rahul SubramanianSenior Project Engineer, Colorado Springs Utilities

How investible are US water utilities in the current economic environment?

Michael Gaugler, Managing Director - Research, Janney

How will PFAS scrutiny impact utility biosolids management strategies?

Teigan Gulliver, Senior Water/Wastewater Engineer, HDR Inc

How is drought driving change in water use, pricing and investment in the West?

Jud Hill, Senior Operating Advisor, I Squared Capital

How can optimizing form factor take RO to the next level while minimizing risk?

John Korpiel, Principal Engineer, Veolia Water Technologies 

How can RO membrane-based water treatment plants be aligned with the circular economy ethos?

Ignacio Beneyto, Operations Manager, Acciona

In a world without incineration, where does the PFAS go?

Nigel Sharp, CEO, Aquagga

What are the barriers to water optimization in industrial cleaning & sanitization, and how can they be overcome?

Cecilia Coates, Climate & Water Lead, Colgate-Palmolive

What are the greatest opportunities for water in the green hydrogen market?

Jonathan Pressdee, US Water Market Lead, GHD & Jason Lewis, Hydrogen Technical Specialist, GHD

How can industry collaborate with utilities to ensure environmentally sustainable growth?

Sean Ton, Plant Manager, Samsung Austin Semiconductor

How can the oil & gas industry address its water challenges while contributing to local water security?

Joe de Almeida, Director, Water Strategy & Technology, Occidental

One-to-One Networking
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LUOW Inauguration: What do the best do differently?
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61 Gold Standard utilities have already been inaugurated into the LUOW Network. Join both old and new members as they share their outstanding achievements and find out what they plan to do differently over the next 5 years.



  • Kevin Shafer, Executive Director, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD)
  • Chuck Carden, General Manager, Tampa Bay Water
  • Marc Battle, Chief Legal & Ethics Officer & Executive Vice President, Government & Legal Affairs for the District of Columbia Water & Sewer Authority (DC Water)
  • Per Holm, CEO, BlueKolding
  • Kishia Powell, General Manager/CEO, WSSC
  • Yosef Kebede, Head, Bureau of Water and Wastewater, Baltimore City DPW
  • Todd Allen, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, WSSC
The Big Squeeze

The American water sector is facing a big squeeze. Input prices are rising quickly, public resistance to tariff increases is growing, and interest rates are ratchetting upwards month on month. How are the treasurers and finance directors planning to manage the crisis?


  • Debra Coy, Principal of Svanda & Coy Consulting and an advisor to XPV Water Partners
  • Heike Doerr, Principal Analyst, S&P Global Commodity Insights


Re-Thinking Industrial Water

How are corporate water strategies evolving to meet the needs of industrial end-users today? Industry is facing pressures from all sides – intensifying climate events, tightening pollutant regulations and a growing global focus on environmental sustainability. Especially in the severely drought-stricken southwestern US, water-reliant industrial end-users have no choice but to set aggressive targets and implement reuse practices in order to ensure operational continuity. Corporate sustainability leaders will discuss how these challenges are influencing their 2030 objectives, the value of reuse to business resilience, and how they will execute water strategies in a world where capital and operating costs are rising.


  • Rob Simm, Senior Vice President, Water, Stantec


  • Sandy Fabritz, Director of Water Strategy, Freeport McMoRan 
  • Kim Dirks, Senior Director, EHS Operations, Tyson Foods
  • Zac Rosenbaum, Facilities Director, Samsung Austin Semiconductor
  • Joe de Almeida, Director of Water Strategy & Technology, Occidental Petroleum
  • Helga Halverson, Environmental & Sustainability Regional Analyst, Novozymes
  • Greg Jackson, Director, Facility Operations, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC)
One-to-One Networking
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Coffee Break
Water and the Climate Imperative

The loudest message from this year’s drought was the need to take climate change seriously and utilities are taking it upon themselves to be part of the solution. It is imperative for them to take a holistic view of their emissions, from energy emissions to methane and nitrous oxide to achieve their ambitions for themselves, their cities and the planet. How are utilities rising to the challenge?


  • Art Umble, Senior Vice President, Water Institute Technology & Policy, Stantec


  • Rohit Aggarwala, Commissioner for Department of Environmental Protection and Chief Climate Officer for the City of New York
  • Renee Willette, Vice President of Programs and Strategy, U.S. Water Alliance
  • Bill Barber, Technical Director, Cambi
  • Elizabeth Crosson, Chief Sustainability, Resiliency and Innovation Officer, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
  • Mark Knight, Global Sustainability & ESG Leader, Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions
  • Tue Knudsen, Head of Communications, Bluekolding
  • Neil Brennan, CEO, Seqwater
Averting a Supply Chain Meltdown

For the last 20 years America's water infrastructure has been built on fixed-price contracts, long payment terms, and global equipment supply networks. These are becoming impossible to sustain. Here we bring together some of the most important players from across the supply chain to discuss the challenges and avert a crisis.



Are we ready for Water-Positive?

Water-Positive is the new standard for corporate water stewardship, but there is currently no universally accepted framework or definition associated with this ambition. The session will make sense of how different industries view Water-Positive and whether an agreed framework applicable across industry is needed in order to maximize its impact. Corporate water pioneers will discuss the merits and pitfalls of such a framework.



  • Ryan Spicer, Director of Environmental Impact, Keurig Dr. Pepper
  • Cecilia Coates, Climate and Water Lead, Colgate-Palmolive
  • Jason Morrison, Head of CEO Water Mandate, Water Resilience Coalition
  • Jonathan Radtke, Water Sustainability Program Director, Coca-Cola North America
  • Jonah Smith, Global Head of Environmental Social Governance, Kraft Heinz
Drinks Reception and Gala Dinner



  • Giulio Boccaletti, Former Partner at McKinsey & Company and Chief Strategy Officer at the Nature Conservancy; Author of Water: A Biography