2023 offers a transformational opportunity for underserved communities across America. A surge in federal funding has opened out possibilities for water and sewer utilities which have not existed for a generation. Combining that with new alternatives for supporting utility leaders in delivering organisational change, creates the scope for every utility in America to deliver affordable world class water and sewer services.

Led by George Hawkins from Moonshot Missions, this one-day workshop in Los Angeles on 24th January 2023 will guide utility leaders through the process of transformation, from strategic planning to securing funding to high impact procurement and change management. Led by Moonshot Missions with the support of the Global Water Leaders Group it brings together all the ideas, information and inspiration you need to begin your journey to outperformance.

It will be a full-day funding access accelerator. Get more context about the 11th AWS Pre-Conference workshop from GWI publisher, Christopher Gasson, in A radical new direction for the US water market”, and 50 billion reasons to feel optimistic about 2023″.

  • Utility leaders from underserved communities
    This is where your community’s journey to world class water and sewer services begins. It will open the door to accelerated access to the funding, technology, and management expertise you need to transform your utility. The event is complementary for utility leaders and you owe it to your community to attend.
  • Environmental Finance Centre leaders and consortium members
    This is where the EPA’s technical assistance program really begins. Besides the workshop on January 24, we will also be hosting a private meeting for EFC leaders and consortium members on January 25. You need to be part of it if the program is to be a success form the get-go. Registration is complementary for EFC staff and consortium members.
  • Engineers and technologists
    The $50 billion funding from Bipartisan Infrastructure Law potentially reshapes the entire US water market, creating significant growth opportunities for your business. Attending this workshop as an observer will enable you to tailor your offering to this exciting market. We will charge you $995 for registration. 100% of this registration fee will go towards subsidising the travel and accommodation for utility leaders from underserved communities.
Delivering the Moonshot Agenda - 24th January

The Moonshot is a revolution for the underserved. George Hawkins explains how it can be brought to your community.

Case Studies

Utility leaders who have been involved in Moonshot projects explain how they have benefitted.

Coffee Break
Practical Funding Strategies

The money is there but only for those who know how to access it. In this session we shall talk through the funding options available and explains how to apply for them successfully.

Community Engagement

It is a key part of the EPA’s water sector strategy: how can you use it to guarantee success. The agency’s community engagement lead introduces best practice.

Bringing Innovation to the Underserved

Technology can make a difference, but the real innovation is in the management systems around it. Three of America’s most innovative utility CEOs discuss how to make technology work for people.

Coffee Break
Challenges and Solutions

What are the most pressing challenges facing utilities in America today? George Hawkins and other expert speakers will offer their insight into how they would approach the problems put to them by the audience.

Concluding Remarks