Alex Rappaport

CEO and Co-Founder, ZwitterCo, Inc.



Alex Rappaport is an award-winning leader with a passion for innovation and sustainability.  He is the CEO and Co-Founder of ZwitterCo, Inc., a company that develops membranes that are immune to irreversible fouling and enable treatment and reuse of the world’s toughest wastewaters. At ZwitterCo, Alex drives strategic planning, organizational design, and the long-term vision for company growth.  

Alex and his team took first place in the Tufts Ideas Competition and the Tufts $100k New Ventures Competition when founding ZwitterCo, and the awards and opportunities kept coming.  

Alex is a fierce supporter of his team. His strength is setting a culture of empowerment with a philosophy of “come as you are – love what you build.” He encourages the same entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and resourcefulness in his team and has fostered a community that is dedicated to ZwitterCo’s mission to preserve and manage industrial and agricultural water and wastewater.