Bill Kennedy

Manager, Strategic Processes & Environmental Engineering, Duke Energy
Past Speaker: AWS 2018


Bill Kennedy manages strategic Process & Environmental Engineering for Duke Energy. Bill’s previous work experience includes over 30 years of process engineering, design, startup and troubleshooting of various processes in the chemical industry. Bill holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Virginia Tech and is registered as a professional engineer in a number of Mid-Atlantic States.

For the past several years, Bill has worked with the electric power generating industry as a consulting engineer for waste water treatment. Bill’s efforts include commissioning and technical review of the design/construction/operation of over two dozen FGD waste water treatment systems, pilot testing and full scale implementation of multiple biological systems including fixed bed and suspended growth bioreactors, SBRs, constructed wetlands and vertical flow wetlands. Other activities involve technical design review of a IGCC grey water treatment system utilizing evaporator/crystallizer technologies and ash basin dewatering and closure.

Bill has also been involved on behalf of the electric power industry in methods development and data collection for FGD waste water analysis of trace metals and data collection efforts in support of the update to the Steam Electric Power Generating Effluent Guidelines.