Booky Oren

Chairman and CEO, Booky Oren Global Water Technologies



Booky Oren has over 35 years of experience in different senior managerial roles. At the beginning of the millennium, he joined the Water Industry and held senior roles such as Executive Chairman of Mekorot, Israel’s National Water Company (initiated and implemented WaTech™ – Center for Initiatives and Research, leveraging Mekorot’s 3,000 facilities as Beta sites for external innovation), Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Miya, and Chairman of WATEC Israel, a leading global water event. 

In 2011, Booky established Booky Oren Global Water Technologies (BOGWT) to scale up these activities. The company operates the Global Water Partnership Hub and is active in hundreds of ventures globally while overcoming the challenge of “i2i” (innovation to implementation). It is unique for its combination of accumulated experience and expertise with public utilities, technology providers, and large vendors, along with its global coverage, and a business perspective approach.

In recent years, Booky has led various activities at different global events, aimed at shifting the market focus from technologies towards the “Voice of the Utilities”, highlighting their needs and challenges. In 2020, BOGWT established the K2i (Knowledge to implementation) Platform. This platform focuses on a structured process that enables global leading agencies to share their areas of strength. The process accelerated during the Covid-19 era, allowing continuous knowledge exchange between all agencies’ departments in different global regions. The K2i has facilitated and documented over 100 interactions between utilities, and continues to create an ever-growing knowledge-base, enabling agencies to learn from each other’s experience and avoid “Re-inventing the Wheel”.