Galit Sasson

Senior Engineer, Mekorot


Galit works as a water treatment engineer since 2008 at Mekorot, Israel’s National Water Company. She holds the position of Senior Engineer since 2013 and serves as a process and desalination engineer in the central district of Mekorot.

During her years at Mekorot Galit has been engaged in a variety of process engineering projects. She was responsible for engineering supervision in various water treatment plants including reclaimed wastewater systems and reverse osmosis brackish water desalination plants. She has led assimilation of new water treatment technologies and supervised operation of various water treatment and pilot plants. Galit represented Mekorot in projects abroad writing professional consulting reports and tender documents.

Galit holds a BSc with honors in Environmental Engineering from the Technion Institute in Haifa and a MSc in Environmental Engineering from Tel Aviv University.