Grant Page

CEO, Magna Imperio Systems


Mr. Grant Page is Founder, Chairman & President of Magna Imperio Systems Corporation and The Page Family Foundation, whose mission is to enable solutions to solving the world’s water crisis through innovative technology and services. The company was founded on technology developed and commercialising as the world’s most energy efficient, and highest recovery desalination and purification system for industrial, municipal, and defence projects worldwide; that may be deployed anytime, anywhere, in a containerised, self-sustainable, green system.

Grant has ambitiously taken on the task of solving the world’s water crisis in the interest of billions of people who struggle without access to clean, safe drinking water which he witnessed first hand while serving his country after attending the United States Naval Academy. Solving this crisis is critical to the sustainable future of humanity. The first undertaking is to fulfil the United Nations (UN) General Assembly’s sixth Sustainable Development Goal addressing the need for clean, accessible water and sanitary conditions for all by providing water to developed countries through increasing the recovery rate up to 98%, accomplishing the highest sustainability goals. In addition to, impacting over two billion lives in undeveloped or stressed countries. The Company’s foundation also provides assistance to NGO and not-for-profit organisations to provide desalination and purification systems to those most in need.