Helga Halvorsen

Regional Sustainability Analyst, Novozymes


Day 1



Helga Halvorsen is the Regional Sustainability Analyst for Novozymes supporting the Americas Region which is comprised of three large-scale industrial enzyme sites and six microbial production sites in Canada, the US, Brazil, and Argentina.  She has over a decade of successful bio-tech experience beginning in research in development, moving to process development and engineering, and currently in sustainability.  She loves collaborating to solve problems and implement positive change and believes strongly in the importance of environmental stewardship for both individuals and businesses. 

Passionate about collaborating to create a more sustainable future, Helga has led several regional sustainability programs.  These include developing Zero Waste plans, focused on finding recycling solutions for Novozymes’ various waste streams and Contextual Water Management Plans, focused on ensuring that Novozymes’ manufacturing plants operate in balance with their local water basins which includes implementing water efficiencies and recycling in water-stressed areas.  When not leading sustainability initiatives, Helga spends her free time keeping the chickens off the lawn furniture and sharing her love of the outdoors with her husband and kids.  Helga received her PhD from the University of Ottawa where she studied Fuel Cell chemistry.