Jay Sheehan

Sr. Vice President and Sr. Partner, Woodard & Curran


Jay Sheehan is a Sr. Vice President and Sr. Partner with Woodard & Curran, a National Water and Environment firm with 1,100 engineers, scientists, and operators. He is a licensed Professional Engineer and Water System Operator with 25 years of experience providing innovative water and wastewater solutions to utilities throughout the country. He has a BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Vermont and is a founding Board Member of the Northeast Water Innovation Network (NEWIN), an Executive Committee member for New England Water Environment Association (NEWEA), a member of the Florida Water Resources Reuse & Resiliency Committee (WR3), and a Board Member on multiple other State Water Associations. Throughout his career, Mr. Sheehan has been involved in bringing several water technologies to market, including some addressing nutrient removal, SCADA and automation, remote technology and mapping, utility management and more. In his spare time, Jay can be found driving his teenage kids around, playing drums in a band, riding his motorcycle, making beer with reclaimed water, and any other distraction from reading work email.