Jonah Smith

Global Head of Environmental Social Governance & President of The Kraft Heinz Foundation, The Kraft Heinz Company


Day 1

16:00-17:30, Are we ready for Water-Positive?



Jonah joined Kraft Heinz in 2020 and is the Global Head of Environmental Social Governance & President of the Kraft Heinz Foundation. At Kraft Heinz Jonah leads and collaborates on the company’s ESG strategy across all respective areas most material to the business (such as operational footprint, sustainable packaging, responsible sourcing, carbon neutrality and water sustainability goals). He collaborates across business units and functions, setting, monitoring and delivering commitments as set forth by the strategy, as well as internal and external engagement on the ESG pillars across stakeholders, such as suppliers, customers, investors, regulatory, NGOs and employees. Likewise, Jonah leads the Kraft Heinz Foundation towards its charter to alleviate hunger globally, as the Foundation has set out to accomplish this objective through strategic partnerships revolving around sustainable food security, climate resilience and self-sufficiency worldwide.

Prior to Kraft Heinz Jonah held similar roles at Grainger and MillerCoors, the latter in which he also helped found the California Water Action Collaborative, as one of the many cross-sector entities that came together in a collaborative towards California water sustainability. Jonah has also done stints in socially responsible investing, teaching sustainability at the university level, and served as the Sustainable Business Director (along with stints wearing many other hats) in the non-profit sector with the Alliance for the Great Lakes.

Jonah holds a MBA in Sustainable Business from Pinchot University and a MS in Conservation Biology & Ecosystem Management from University of Michigan, where his Master’s opus researched proper valuation of water resources and sustainability in Brazil.

Jonah is passionate about sustainability. In his spare time he enjoys various activities such as soccer, guitar, windsurfing and as much nature as he can breathe in.