Lyda Hakes

Engineer, Portland Water Bureau (PWB)


Ms. Hakes has worked for the Portland Water Bureau (PWB) since January 2019, and is currently serving as PWB’s Project Manager for the 160 mgd Bull Run Water Treatment Plant. Prior to joining the PWB, Ms. Hakes worked at the Alameda County Water District (Fremont, CA) for nearly 9 years, serving as a water quality/process control engineer supporting a 28 mgd surface water treatment plant. She led numerous demonstration-scale studies on manganese removal through biologically active filters, culminating in a co-Principal Investigator role on a Tailored Collaboration Project with the Water Research Foundation. Along with her co-authors, Ms. Hakes was awarded the 2018 SOURCE Magazine Editorial Award for her article “Cyanotoxin Destruction with Oxidants at Surface Water Treatment Plants.” Ms. Hakes is a registered Civil Engineer in both California and Oregon and a T2/D2 licensed