Moti Shiri

VP, Technology, Mekorot


Mr. Shiri began working at Mekorot National Water Company in 1989 as a mechanical engineer in the Maintenance Engineering Department at the Southern District.

Mr. Shiri has filled a range of positions, from mechanical engineer to water sector development, advancing up the career ladder, starting with the water supply system, followed by IT management, until his current position as VP Development. He also served one year as acting CEO of Mekorot’s subsidiary, Mekorot Development and Enterprise.

For thirty years in a range of positions at Mekorot, Mr. Shiri has learned about the Company’s diverse operations and all of its unique qualities. He has managed and overseen some of the Company’s most challenging projects in water industry development and the management of national and foreign projects, as well as formulating new regulatory arrangements between Mekorot and the National Water Authority.

Mr. Shiri has been VP for Technology since April 2018, responsible for the IT and OT units, innovation center and the knowledge management. Mr. Shiri is a graduate of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev with a degree in mechanical engineering and earned a certificate in business administration for engineers from the University of Haifa.

Mr. Shiri is married and a father of two. He lives in Ashkelon, Israel.