Trent Stober

PE, Utility Management Services Director, HDR


Mr. Trent Stober is HDR’s Global Director of Water and Wastewater Utility Management Services (UMS) with over 27 years of experience in water, wastewater, and stormwater utility planning and support.  His UMS team provides utility planning, risk and resiliency assessments, asset management, financial, and regulatory support for municipal water utilities.  Mr. Stober provides a strong technical resource for utility planning and decision-making having guided multi-billion dollar municipal capital investment programs.

Trent’s professional experience includes many water quality assessment and regulatory projects and he has extensive experience in NPDES permitting, TMDL development and review, quality compliance assessment, watershed assessment and monitoring, wasteload allocations, stormwater runoff characterization and treatment, and BMP design and evaluation. Trent has managed projects involving development of water quality-based discharge limitations, assessment of beneficial uses and their attainability, development of site-specific water quality criteria, watershed management and water quality monitoring. These projects include some of the most intensive water quality monitoring projects in the Midwestern United States and used state-of-the-art water quality and flow monitoring technologies. Mr. Stober is also actively involved through various national and local trade organizations as a stakeholder shaping water quality policies and regulations at both the State and Federal levels.

Trent holds a Masters degree in Civil Engineering and a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Missouri.