Main Objectives

Progress in corporate water strategy can only be achieved through innovation in technology, partnerships and new business models. While many sectors share common pain points most people working with water are isolated from professional perspectives in neighbouring sectors, limiting opportunities for collaborative action on water issues both inside and outside the factory gates. Moreover, recognition of the opportunities for leveraging innovative water solutions and strategies, itself, does not readily lead to practical implementation. The inefficiencies in defining practical approaches to improve operational excellence across the value chain are exacerbated by the fact that different corporations are at various stages of strategic optimization.

Bringing together a community of select practitioners with a common ambition helps to address these challenges. Reaching across all industries, the Corporate Water Strategy Pathfinder Meeting will identify, develop and define the most efficient methods for achieving effective corporate water strategy goals by providing a unique opportunity to:

  • Pool experience and learning,
  • Avoid duplicate efforts and spending,
  • Effectively explore and leverage technology partnerships and business models to create actionable plans to accelerate outcomes and impact.



Inside the Factory Gates

Innovative Solutions for Industry

Identifying innovation and best practices are becoming essential strategies as industries continuously seek to improve their water management and profitability. The complexity and cost of identifying and deploying innovative solutions can be prohibitive, given the rapid pace of innovation, the need to demonstrate the business case, and mitigation of operational risks for deployment.

This workshop session will examine case studies to investigate benchmarking and sharing of best practices, and discuss how cross sectorial collaboration could be an accelerator and key for sustainable technological advancement in the industrial world.


Terry Mah, Founder, Malabar Group


Vetrivel Dhagumudi, Global Program Leader, Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Jacques Euler, Beauty Division – Manufacturing Sustainability, Procter & Gamble


Networking Break


Beyond Water Stewardship

Scaling Solutions and Impact

The second workshop session is focused beyond the factory gates. Corporate thought leaders present case studies of successful transformative value approaches which are geared towards solving the most pressing water challenges and their root causes.


Will Sarni, Founder and CEO, Water Foundry

Laurent Auguste, Independent


Vetrivel Dhagumudi, Global Program Leader, Kimberly-Clark Corporation

August Ritter, Program Director, The Sustainability Accelerator, The Nature Conservancy