Global Water Intelligence and the Produced Water Society are hosting an exclusive gathering in Houston on November 12th for the key executives, investors, lenders and operators building the future of water in the Permian Basin. It aims to give each attendee the market insight, the connections, and the impetus to make a success of this unique opportunity and identify the path to market domination.

Why the water midstream?
The water midstream is among the hottest areas of infrastructure investment in America during 2019. Water resources, delivery systems, disposal wells, storage and reuse will shape the future of the unconventional oil and gas industry in the Permian Basin. Investors can see the opportunity in a unique asset class that blends infrastructure investment with America’s most productive energy reserve and delivers ESG benefits of reuse and replacing trucks with pipelines.

Success factors
This is an industry that consolidates into winners and losers. The winners will be the ones with the pipelines in the most strategic positions, with the most flexibility in water sourcing, the ability to transfer flowback water for treatment and reuse, meeting their customers’ needs at the lowest cost. The losers will be those with expensive assets and no strategy or system connectivity. The decisions made in the next 6 – 9 months will determine the winners and losers.

Why attend?
Everyone involved needs to understand the groundwork and the changing ground rules for what the financial and operational side of the water midstream can do within regulatory constraints and what operators need from the finance and midstream players. The key is to enable continued growth, but also smart growth in the sector, with an eye not just on resource development but on responsible environmental policies and practices that safeguard water resources for the future, keep stakeholders invested in the industry’s success, and maintain the Permian Basin’s lead in global energy production.

The objective of this workshop is to give attendees the market insight, connections, and the impetus to make a success of this unique opportunity and identify the path to market domination. It will fill in the gaps in understanding for anyone interested in getting involved in the water midstream business. Hear from state regulators, operators, financiers, lawyers, analysts, and leaders of water midstream businesses to uncover the best strategy for your entry into one of the most exciting new markets in the field.

Workshop Agenda




Opening Plenary

Operators companies spell out their vision for the future of water management in the Permian. Federal and state stakeholders will share what they’re doing to enable energy security and water availability.


Lisa Henthorne, President, Produced Water Society


Peter Lake, Chairman, Texas Water Development Board

James Kenney, Secretary, New Mexico Environment Department

Adrienne Sandoval, Director, Oil Conservation Division, New Mexico Energy, Minerals, and Natural Resources Department

Elena Melchert, Director, Upstream Research Division, Office of Oil and Gas, Office of Fossil Energy, U.S. Department of Energy

Hugo Gutierrez, Director of State Government Affairs, Marathon Oil Corporation

Joe de Almeida, Director, Water Strategy, Occidental Oil and Gas Corporation


Networking Break


Finance Panel

Investors discuss their rationale for investing, their approach to valuation, their view of debt vs. equity, and their view of the end-game.


Gabe Collins, Baker Botts Fellow in Energy & Environmental Regulatory Affairs, Baker Institute, Rice University


Pete Bowden, Global Head of Energy Investment Banking, Jefferies Financial Group

Steve Cole, Executive Vice President & Partner, Five Point Energy

Suresh Vasan, Managing Director, Lazard

Paul Hobby, Partner, Genesis Park

James West, Senior Managing Director, Evercore




Josh Adler, Founder and CEO, Sourcewater


Roundtable Discussions

Break out discussions with four rotations addressing specific issues.

  • Future production trends in the Permian
  • Equity analyst on stock trends
  • Regulatory and legal concerns affecting water in Texas and New Mexico
  • Building an integrated system
  • Beneficial reuse in New Mexico

Brent Halldorson, CTO, Fountain Quail Energy Services

Kelly Bennett, President, B3 Insight

Thomas Curran, B. Riley FBR

Zachary Sadow, CFO, Antelope Water Management

Kimberly Wurtz, Attorney, Ball Morse Lowe, PLLC


Networking Break


Closing Panel

Midstream companies and other key players discuss the future in a facilitated session, focusing on where they think water will lead the industry.


Laura Capper, Founder and CEO, CAP Resources; Principal in EnergyMakers Advisory Group


John Durand, President, XRI Holdings

Jim Summers, CEO, H2O Midstream

Dustin Brownlow, CEO, Antelope Water Management

Robert Crain, EVP, Texas Pacific Water Resources


Networking Reception