Digital technologies offer a unique window of opportunity to transform the productivity of the water sector, but to date, progress in adopting these technologies has been painfully slow. It matters because all utilities are being asked to do more with less, and a step change in productivity is the only way ahead.

This high-level half-day workshop brings together some of the world’s most respected utility leaders and key vendors to address the obstacles to digital technologies implementation. It goes straight to the point asking the questions that really matter:

  • What do utilities really want from digital?
  • How can procurement be made to work for both sides?
  • Can the returns, the risks and the investment requirements be better quantified?

With former DC Water General Manager George Hawkins in the chair and with international utility leaders from the UK, Canada and Australia joining the discussion alongside some of the most dynamic US utility leaders, this event will shape the way digital water services are rolled out in the US and beyond.

Whether you are a utility looking to invest in improved productivity or a technology supplier looking to open out the market, it is going to be an expensive event to miss. With direct access to the key thought leaders and a focused agenda it will save months of time spent on business development and strategy planning in a single afternoon.

Utility Attendee List

Meet utility leaders representing over 70 million people from 24 states and 6 countries.

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Introduction by George Hawkins


Utility Perspectives

Each leader spends four minutes outlining their experience of digital systems procurement and operation, before outlining in another four minutes how they think that smart technologies will shape their operations over the next decade.


George Hawkins, Moonshot LLC


Erin Mahoney, Regional Municipality of York, Canada

Andy Kricun, Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority

Jason Tucker, Anglian Water Services, UK

Sue Murphy, Water Corporation, Australia

Martin Adams, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

David Stanton, Suez North America

Bill Teichmiller, EJ Water Cooperative


Transition Break


Procurement and Cost Benefit Analysis

How do utilities approach the decision to invest in digital systems and what is the process of procurement? These are two crucial questions which are shaping the development of the digital utility, but does anyone have the right answers? This panel brings together all the different perspectives on the issue to understand their thinking and bring it into close alignment.


Ting Lu, Clean Water Services

Esteban Azagra, Arcadis

Raja Kadiyala, Jacobs

David Henderson, XPV Water Partners

Elí Díaz-Atienza, Puerto Rico Aqueducts and Sewers Authority (PRASA)


Networking Break


Workshop Challenge

The audience is divided into teams with each team assigned a challenge related to accelerating the adoption of digital technologies. Each team will be headed by a utility leader, and together they will work up solutions to the challenge to be presented to the other teams at the end of the session.


Closing Panel and Learning Points


Networking Reception